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Business communication leaders providing tailor-made solutions through creativity, excellence, innovation and business acumen to satisfy customers' needs. Our singular focus is to create beautifully functional and memorable communications, that engage the audience while adhering to a company’s brand identity.



Our Approach

We are a custom publishing company with going on 20 years of experience in the publishing field, which specializes in the seamless production of a range of corporate, financial and digital publishing solutions.


We help companies transform their news, successes, important policies, and key messages into eye-catching, quality publications and offer various mechanisms to meet your specific requirements, big or small.


Our quality work, both on the creative and content fronts, has over the years resulted in customer loyalty and long-standing relationships with a number of clients.




We understand that successful outcomes are made great by the strength of the collaborative process. When you work with us you are not just a client, you are a partner and in that way we all share the same vision for the project. Our team is accustomed to working closely with clients at every stage, adding value throughout the entire project.



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    Jenny Honey

    Founder & Managing Director

    Practical, forthright and to the point, Jenny is our chief-in-charge at Profit Partnership. She has been involved in publishing for the past 30 years and co-founded the company in 2000. As MD of Profit Partnership she is involved on a strategic level as well as heading up the publishing department.